The Kent Family | KS State Capitol | Family Photographer | Overbrook, KS Family Photographer

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Marsha won this session from a silent auction to raise money for a hospice foundation near our home.

She and her family couldn't have been nicer and more open to my suggestions for posing and prompts. They played along when I asked them to dance or run toward me through the pretty tunnel at the Capitol Building. And my favorite Ring-Around-The-Rosy. 

The weather was great - just a little windy - and I couldn't have been happier with these.

Logan and Heather | Wedding Photographer | Snyder's Cabin | Topeka, Kansas Photographer

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I have known Logan since we were young, like 10 years old. We went to the same schools until we were teenagers.

Now 25 years later, I am shooting his wedding.

Their ceremony was held at Snyder’s Cabin at Gage Park on one of the windiest days of the year, it feels like. But we managed to make it work. 

Weddings are always emotional, and of course, this was no different.

Heather looked gorgeous. Logan was trying to hold it together as he watched her walk down the aisle, and I think I spent more time watching my old friend watch his bride come to him while most everyone else was watching her. 

He was so happy and so in love. 

They had a beautiful evening with their families and friends.

Meet Your Photographer | Carrie Sunday | Overbrook, KS Family Photographer

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I think that most everyone on my client list either knows me in real life - or knows someone who knows me. There probably aren’t many that need an introduction to me, but that is exactly what I am going to give you today! Because well, visitors to my website probably DON'T know me.

Going into March already, I want to be a little more “Carrie” and a little less “Carrie the Photographer.” Meaning that I want you all to get to know ME, my family, the goofy stuff we like and the things that make us happy. I want you to feel like you are going to see a friend when we are planning your shoot. To me, it is important that you trust me. And to trust me, you have to know me, right? 

So here are a few quirky little things:

  • I am a Disney mom. I love all things Disney. The movies, the merch, Disney World. It all just makes me happy. Also, fun fact! The air at Magic Kingdom smells like sugar, for real. It’s a thing they do, and I am not crazy. My husband thought I was though.
  • I like planners. No, let me correct that. I LOVE planners. Give me a stationery store and a big wad of cash, and we are in trouble. 
  • My house is full of plants, and the cat has probably chewed on every single one. It drives me crazy, but I guess I know what I am getting into when I bring a new one home (plant, not cat). I do make sure they aren’t poisonous to him - my daughter would have me by the neck if anything happened to get barncat-turned-pet.
  • My daughter (pictured below) is my favorite subject to photograph, especially since I found so many good spots round Overbrook to shoot. Of course. I mean, look at her.

What are some of YOUR fun things about you? Or your family? Let’s get to know each other better!

Before and After | Overbrook, KS Family Photographer

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I always think it is so fun to see the shot that comes out of the camera versus what is delivered to the client.

Laura and her family was just a dream to work with, and I just love that their photos turned out just like I dreamed they would.

Best of 2021 | Overbrook, Kansas Family Photographer

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January is over already. It's so hard to believe that.

This past year was the busiest and full of the most growth.

I can't say how much I appreciate you all. Here are a few (these are absolutely not all of them) favorites from the year.