Lauren and Hunter | Engagement | Overbrook, KS | Overbrook, KS Engagement Photographer

December 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment


Lauren and I had such a hard time scheduling their engagement photos. There was weather and weird weekends, and then a car crash on their way to my house a week earlier! 

Once we did get them shot, wow. It was a little chilly on the day we finally got to meet up, but the sun was fabulous. And Lauren looked so pretty! She’s been busy growing a person, and she didn’t look one wink tired. Yet. :)

I managed to get these edited in a flash for them because, well, they were pretty flawless.

I can’t wait for their wedding next year!


Laura F and family | Family Portraits | Burlingame, KS | Overbrook, KS Family Photographer

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Laura is the sweetest. She found me out of sheer luck, and we had never met before the day that I shot their 2021 family portraits at their weekend house just outside of Burlingame. She and her husband were just so nice and trusting of me, and I always appreciate that. Family photos are a big deal.

The kids were styled to perfection, and they were so well-behaved and into their photos too! Let’s be honest - usually brothers and sisters at this age are throwing punches and insults, not posing for family photos with genuine smiles on their faces.

I loved that their family often takes their photos here - to watch how their kids grow and just enjoy their home away from home. Even their pup, Snickers, joined in a few photos!

Kayla C. | Heritage Park | Olathe, KS | Overbrook, KS Family Photographer

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Kayla contacted me after hearing about my sessions through a mutual friend, Mindy (you’ve seen her on here before with her family). We met at Heritage Park in Olathe, a place I’ve shot at a few different times and always loved. But this spot. Well, it’s my favorite, hands down. 

I mean, look at that light. We managed to get a session at just the right time to capture a beautiful sunset behind the trees

The girls were both a bit shy at first, but they warmed up right away, playing peek-a-boo and ring-around-the-rosy for me. 

Soak in all this cuteness!




The Barnes Family | Overbrook, KS | Family Session | Overbrook, KS Family Photographer

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Jessica was the coach for Reagan’s softball team over the summer, and since our girls are the same age and so similar all around, we became fast friends. Our husbands are volunteer firefighters. We both work in the financial world (although different arenas). I feel like we clicked right away. 

So when she asked me to take their family photos during my fall sessions, I was so excited.

Lilly, Addie, and Evie are all so different, and I think I was able to capture that too. Along with some photos of Charles and Jessica all by themselves. I love grabbing photos of moms and dads alone because - let’s face it - it is so hard to get photos of parents together throughout the year.

Enjoy the smiles!

Brilea | Seaman High School Senior | Class of 2022 | Overbrook, KS Family Photographer

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One of my favorite things about shooting senior portraits for girls is that I am able to make them feel like they are having fun doing it. Most come to their session a little stressed, unsure of what to expect and hoping that their photos are beautiful. If I am being honest, I, as their photographer, am always feeling that at first too! 

After some of the first shots at the Capitol Building in Topeka, I showed some of the photos on the back of my camera to Brilea and her mom and dad. And bingo, she loved them. I feel like it always puts my seniors at ease KNOWING that they are getting what they want.

The rest of Brilea’s session in downtown alleyways and at the Governor's Mansion trails were flawless, and dare I say some of my favorite ever.

The first thing she said when she got out of the car was “I have no idea what I’m doing.” Little did she know, she was going to rock the entire thing!