Hey! I’m Carrie, and when I am not enjoying life at my day job, you can find me snuggled up to my eight-year-old daughter and husband. Sometimes we’ll take gravel road cruises in our Polaris Ranger and come home with a tangled mess of hair. The good life. I am also passionate about mentoring young people with disabilities. As a young woman in a wheelchair myself from a car accident, it’s important to be that positivity that can be so hard to find in the world right now.


I love sending families back home with beautiful photos to hang on their walls and to share with their family and friends. I secretly love it when your photos make you tear up.


If you’re wanting to find a friend for life who just happens to be your photographer, you’re in the right place. Someone who knows your kids’ personalities and can remember your favorite type of cookies. It’s personally important to me to capture your true essence as a family and watch you grow year after year. My ultimate goal is to make your kids love me and your husband actually smile in your family photos and maybe even admit that it was fun.