Delaney | 2023 Senior | Overbrook, Kansas Senior Photographer | Lawrence, Kansas

January 18, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Delaney has been on this website before.

You might remember her as my Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas 2015 when I was crowned in March 2015. Our families have been close so when her mom reached out about her senior photos, I wasn't too surprised. Excited but not surprised. 

We rolled the dice on the weather, and even though it was C O L D that day, we made it work. We went to South Park in Lawrence, Kansas and then down the street to Mass Street Music where they let us set up and shoot.

Delaney loves her pictures. I've never seen a 17-year-old so excited about high school and life and just everything. Delaney is a gem.

Before and After Friday | Overbrook, KS Family Photographer

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I like to show sometimes what the photos look like straight out of the camera versus what the end result is. I tend to shoot a little bit dark.

This family picked a BEAUTIFUL spot in Heritage Park just a little bit of drive from my house. That sun was worth it.

Would you like to see more of these? I personally am intrigued by this - it really shows the art of shooting vs editing!

The Barnes Family | Pomona Lake | Overbrook, KS Family Photographer

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Jessica and Charles have become pretty good friends of ours, and we have to thank our daughters. Softball, volleyball, fire department, birthdays, sleepovers, fun all around. There are very few people in this world that I trust with my kid, and they are some of those people. 

Jessica and I weren't so sure we could get many photos on this day because it was windy, but we were both pleasantly surprised! It turns out that the faster we move with these 3 girls, the better they turn out!

The Lawrence Family | Topeka, Kansas | Governor's Mansion | Topeka, KS Family Photographer

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Morgan and I worked together at AE when she asked me to take her family photos. It was so nice to meet her husband and girls, and it didn't take long to figure out that they are just the cutest. It was chilly, but the girls didn't complain once. They were too busy on a squirrel hunt.

Just look at how sweet this family is.

Joanne and Jerry | Pomona Lake | Overbrook, KS Family Photographer

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Joanne and I are on the Board of Directors for our Fire District, and I am just so glad that she decided to do this session with Jerry, her husband of 60 years. People that know these two know how special it is. Jerry has Alzheimer's, and while it is progressing, this day was a good one. He was alert and present in the moment. It was so great.

We went to a small cabin at Pomona Lake where they had their 50th wedding anniversary celebration, and it was a gorgeous evening. it turned out to be pretty warm for late fall, and the sunset was perfect.

When I sent these to Joanne, she was thrilled. Besides knowing that it had been a good day for Jerry, I don't know if she knew quite what to expect. She said that it was like she was seeing the Jerry from 10 years ago, which of course, is the biggest compliment I could get. 

It will always been one of my favorites.