Lanie | Silverlake High School | Topeka, KS Senior Photograher

February 22, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

All you have to do is look at Lanie's photos to see how beautiful she is. What her photos also show is her sweetness.

She is a volleyball player and on the dance team so she keeps herself busy. We managed to incorporate that into her session also.

We trekked to the Governor's Mansion and then over to Ward Meade Park for her session on a chilly day, and believe me, the sun in these photos was deceiving! We wrapped her up in a blanket in between photos!

She is so genuine and I think that comes through. Classic and classy. I hope that in 30 years, she will look back with her kids and think "I still love these photos."

Chayt | Class of 2023 | Santa Fe Trail | Overbrook, Kansas Senior Photographer

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I think I have mentioned on my blog before that a majority of senior boys tend to hate doing senior pictures. Not all, but most that I have done. It just doesn't interest them, and one even told me "I'm only doing this for my mom." Fair enough. I appreciate the honesty actually.

Chayt opted for a sorter session because he was kinda in the middle. He wanted photos done, but not a full senior session with 2-hours worth of photos. Enough to make both him and his sweet mom, Jen, happy.

We spent an afternoon session on the main street of Overbrook and then down at Pomona Lake to give a little variety. Both turned out beautifully.

Afterward, his mom sent me such a sweet message about how the session sent and how comfortable he felt once we got started. The ultimate compliment, really. And it was so heartfelt and very much appreciated on my end.

Even if you don't want to get crazy with senior photos, we can still make them fun!

Delaney | 2023 Senior | Overbrook, Kansas Senior Photographer | Lawrence, Kansas

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Delaney has been on this website before.

You might remember her as my Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas 2015 when I was crowned in March 2015. Our families have been close so when her mom reached out about her senior photos, I wasn't too surprised. Excited but not surprised. 

We rolled the dice on the weather, and even though it was C O L D that day, we made it work. We went to South Park in Lawrence, Kansas and then down the street to Mass Street Music where they let us set up and shoot.

Delaney loves her pictures. I've never seen a 17-year-old so excited about high school and life and just everything. Delaney is a gem.

Before and After Friday | Overbrook, KS Family Photographer

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I like to show sometimes what the photos look like straight out of the camera versus what the end result is. I tend to shoot a little bit dark.

This family picked a BEAUTIFUL spot in Heritage Park just a little bit of drive from my house. That sun was worth it.

Would you like to see more of these? I personally am intrigued by this - it really shows the art of shooting vs editing!

The Barnes Family | Pomona Lake | Overbrook, KS Family Photographer

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Jessica and Charles have become pretty good friends of ours, and we have to thank our daughters. Softball, volleyball, fire department, birthdays, sleepovers, fun all around. There are very few people in this world that I trust with my kid, and they are some of those people. 

Jessica and I weren't so sure we could get many photos on this day because it was windy, but we were both pleasantly surprised! It turns out that the faster we move with these 3 girls, the better they turn out!