Chayt | Class of 2023 | Santa Fe Trail | Overbrook, Kansas Senior Photographer

February 17, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

I think I have mentioned on my blog before that a majority of senior boys tend to hate doing senior pictures. Not all, but most that I have done. It just doesn't interest them, and one even told me "I'm only doing this for my mom." Fair enough. I appreciate the honesty actually.

Chayt opted for a sorter session because he was kinda in the middle. He wanted photos done, but not a full senior session with 2-hours worth of photos. Enough to make both him and his sweet mom, Jen, happy.

We spent an afternoon session on the main street of Overbrook and then down at Pomona Lake to give a little variety. Both turned out beautifully.

Afterward, his mom sent me such a sweet message about how the session sent and how comfortable he felt once we got started. The ultimate compliment, really. And it was so heartfelt and very much appreciated on my end.

Even if you don't want to get crazy with senior photos, we can still make them fun!


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