5 Things That Moms Worry About When Booking A Photo Session

April 19, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Let’s face it – rarely are dads booking family photos for their wife and kids. It’s the moms who do that sort of thing. I know moms who want it done every year, and I know moms who put it off but eventually get that call made to schedule.

There are a few things that both of these types of moms think about though. Let’s discuss so that the next time you want to book a photo session, your mind can be at ease.

What will we wear?

I try to advise my clients that first, you want to be comfortable. Your kids should be comfortable. It really reflects in photos sometimes if clothes are too stiff or itchy or tight.

Coordinate colors, but don’t be too matchy matchy.

Try mixing solid colors with simple patterns.  No graphic tees, unless you have a very specific type of look you are going for. In twenty years, are you going to love that your kid wore a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle t-shirt? Probably not. 

Lastly, don’t let your clothes distract you from the feeling of the session.  Clothing is important, of course, but the goal of each session is to capture your family’s love, not focus on your brand new dress or your little guy’s new shoes.

Will my kids behave? What if they don’t?

Guess what. Kids sometimes misbehave. It happens more than you think at sessions, and guess what else? I always manage to get good photos of them! Let me worry about their cooperation – and you worry about loving on them. I got it.

Will my HUSBAND behave?

Husbands misbehaving also happens sometimes, believe it or not. Fellas, it’s an hour of your life to give your wife what she wants. To give your kids family photos to hang on to after you’re gone. Suck it up and get it done. And give me a smile, for crying out loud.

What if the weather is bad?

We reschedule. I am booked out for months ahead of time sometimes, and there is no predicting the weather.  There’s ALWAYS a chance that it will be cold or rainy or snowy, but we just move things around and schedule for a different day or time. Don't stress about it - we will make this happen one way or the other.

What if I hate the way I look?

This one is a big one. Unfortunately, I have never met a mom who doesn’t have at least some insecurity. But, I try to ask my moms up front what it is. It’s a powerful thing to say it out loud and then allow me to reassure you that – we got this. We are going to get beautiful photos of you and your family.  We are going to make this fun, and you won’t even be thinking about it.

I am sure there are a dozen other things that are worrisome because that’s what we do as moms. Worry. These are five of the big ones.

Just remember – trust your photographer. Take their advice. And let them make you feel beautiful.


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