Warning : We're Gonna Get Weird

May 10, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

If you've ever had me as a photographer, you know I talk baby talk. I chase toddlers (not to be scary, I swear). I make silly faces and make bad jokes that teenagers cringe at. I show them how to do poses that feel so awkward that they think I am bonkers.

At almost every single photo shoot, I can make one promise. We're gonna get weird. You can almost count on me saying, "I know it feels super weird, but it's gonna look great!" And I haven't had a client tell me any  different yet.

I do what I have to to get those smiles and laughs and weird questioning looks that 3-year-olds often give me. It's worth it, and I don't mind if people think I'm a little goofy. If we're being honest, that's probably true anyway.

When families come to me and see me be totally relatable and goofy, I feel like it opens things up, and they feel comfortable more easily. Maybe my clients can attest to whether that is true for them, but I feel it from my side.

Are you nervous when you show up to shoot your family portraits? Or senior portraits? Any tips you can give ME to make the situation more comfortable for YOU?? Let me know your thoughts!



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