Rayli | Overbrook, KS | Overbrook, Kansas Family Photographer

August 30, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

One of my favorite shoots from this summer was Rayli. Her step-mom, Amanda, contacted me after school was cancelled, and the eighth-graders weren't allowed to have a graduation ceremony before they headed to high school. It was really disappointing for so many kids who missed so much from things that were literally out of their control.

For her birthday, Amanda surprised her with a girls day. She got new clothes, her hair and makeup done, and then a photo shoot all for her birthday! I thought that it was a really fun (and safe) way to make it special for her, even if it was different.

It turned out beautifully. If there is one thing that I LOVE about shooting for young ladies, especially high school girls, is that I have a chance to help them feel beautiful. Sometimes, that feeling doesn't come easy for young women, so I always reassure them that their photos are going to be great - and they always are.


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